Does adding a twitter feed to my website improve SEO?

A client asked me this question today. It’s one of many questions i get asked about social media & Search Engine Optimisation. So i thought i’d blog any information that would help others who have similar questions. In this case the short answer is nope. See Matt Cutt’s (from Google) video advice on this question below.

Just because you have a feed doesn’t automatically get you any more links. Page rank (how highly search engines rank your site) is based on who links to you and how reputable they are. Instead think about the tweets that people retweeted or enjoyed the most, use hashtags, share links on twitter that people find useful and be selective about what you republish on your website.

One thing that does improve SEO is adding a blog and including this as a feed on your home page. Wht? Because it signals to Google that you have fresh content.

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