Google Caffeine – what does it mean for SEO?

Google Caffeine – what does it mean for SEO?

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Google Caffeine Update is Google’s updated web search. Google Caffeine update will be rolled out in the next few months. Watch Mashables’s video on Google Caffiene on how it will affect search engine rankings.

So what are the differences?

  • Real time information and social media (Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook) seem to rank more highly
  • The index – the number of pages that are returned when searching is larger
  • Image or video search listings (called universal search) – are less obvious.  This may be because Caffeine update is still in beta as i can’t image that this is less important
  • It seems to index more individual pages on sites in some searches, less in other searches – again may be because it’s beta.

So, in a nutshell the results aren’t all that different yet and it’s difficult to notice any differences (yet).  What it does imply is that real time information, social media and updated content will be more important. Add to this is the Google’s focus on localised information e.g Google maps and it shows where to focus search engine optimisation energy. Time to start the blog, tweet your heart out and get social.

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