What is Google Hummingbird?

Google has a new search algorithm. It’s called “Hummingbird”. It’s the latest of a number of search changes over the last few years (find out more about all the Google Algorithm Change History). Find out more about the hummingbird update and what it means for your website in this nifty Infographic…

google hummingbird seo guide

I’ve pinned a few more here….http://www.pinterest.com/webyogi/google-hummingbird-seo/

How to Optimise your website for Google Hummingbird

  • Increase user generated content on your site by using forums, Q&A’s, reviews and testimonials.  Try embedding tweets, Facebook threads, Google+ posts and comments.
  • Go beyond keyword research. Look at how your keyword topic is discussed online and incorporating it into your site content. For local businesses this could mean using regionalisms in the language you use.
  • Look at what types of content is used and shared  – images, sideshows, videos, written articles? Provide what your target audience is looking for in a format they like.
  • Connect your conversational content with others. Share others content to encourage sharing of your own.
  • Target influencers, get to know the people who are active bloggers or social users who talk about your subject matter
  • Generate fun and informative content, videos, images and presentations – it’s the fun, quirky  stuff that is often shared.  Don’t forget the useful content  – share knowledge.

The focus now is on which webpage will answer the users question in the most conversation and informative way.

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