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Which social media tools are best to manage social media campaigns? What do they do and why are the useful? See below for a short ‘n’ sweet run down on the best social media tools. Most of these tools cover popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn and Flickr.

Twitter Search – Twitter’s own search tool. This is a great resource and you can even subscribe to your search as an RSS feed.

Twitter Lists – keep an eye on your Twitter lists. Twitter lists are how people define you on Twitter. If you’re using Twitter as a marketing tool you want to make sure your business is on relevant lists for your services or keywords. Lists are seen by you and the person who created the. They are also seen by people who follow the person who created the list and by anyone who lands on your Twitter profile.

Tweetdeck & Hootsuite- Social Media Interfaces– these interfaces allow you not only to keep on top of Twitter following, followers, #trends and @mentions but also your other social profiles including Facebook and Linked In. Which one you use, Tweetdeck or Hootsuite (and there are others obviously) is down to personal preference. Whatever your needs, they are a good one stop solution you should take advantage of.

Social Mention – Get an instant overview of your social media profile. Search multiple social channels such like Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube and Digg,  and get detailed statistics and sentiment analysis.

Google Alerts – Setup alerts for every time your keyword is mentioned.

Google Blog Search – Google’s  blog search sniffs out and archives all sites with an RSS feed.

Board Reader – Stay in touch with what people are talking about in your area by searching for key phrases across  forums galore.

BlogPulse – Provides fabulous, up-to-the-minute trend graphs tracking blogging activity.

Backtype – Searches blog comments.

Blinkx – Search all the top online video sites from a single site.

Yahoo Pipes – A bit technie but useful to merge RSS feeds from the above tools  to create a custom monitoring tool.

WildFire – Wildfire allows you to create quizzes, contests, coupons, virtual gifts etc and distribute them to social networking sites. It also allows user to send multiple updates to different and multiple social networking sites.

Awareness Social marketing software – Awareness Social marketing software is a enterprise class tool which has wider perspective of social media marketing. It integrates all the social networking sites control like updating on multiple account and engaging with people. Further, it also has comprehensive ROI measuring features embedded in the system. It is mainly targeted to bigger enterprise.

Buddy Media – Buddy Media also allows multiple account management from twitter and facebook . In addition, they have included lots of case studies from large brands. They allow users to manage and monitor campaign as well.

CoTweet – CoTweet gives more like a dashboard experience where you can view all the updates and schedule tweets. User can even track keywords and monitor the brands.

ObjectiveMarketers – ObjectiveMarketers has the inclusion of almost all the important sites from Twitter to YouTube. It also allows easy status updates to multiple account, branding the landing page, tracking click statistics and managing users role. It has also added some brand monitoring part to it.

Socialtalk – Similar to all the above services, Socialtalk integrates Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and MoveableType. Allows multiple channel updates and work-flow management, scheduling and other features.

For artists, photographers, or videographers, Deviant Art is a great place to create a profile, submit content, and increase exposure.