i'm lostWant more relevant results from your search engine? Get annoyed when Google fails to give you relevant search results or out of date links? I know i do. Well….here’s a new search engine that weeds out spam and helps you find relevant date specific information.  It also loves to open up search engine optimisation (SEO) data. Blekko has been creating buzz in the SEO community recently for the data it provides – making it a great SEO tool to boot.

Blekko works by using things called slash tags. Basically slash tags tell Blekko to limit a search to a category of websites — a sort of custom search allowing customization of results. So if you want to find out about funny cats type /cats/humour or film history (as i do at the moment) enter /film /history. For a more comprehensive review check out Bruce Clay’s blekko for dummies or view this video and give it a whirl. What’s your experience? Please add your comments below…

blekko: how to slash the web from blekko on Vimeo.

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