10 Ultimate Marketing Strategies for Successful Yoga Retreats

10 Ultimate Marketing Strategies for Successful Yoga Retreats

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How do you successfully market a yoga studio, yoga or pilates retreat or well-being concious business?

What are the top 10 ultimate marketing strategies for successful yoga or pilates businesses ?

Working with yoga teachers, pilates teachers and retreat venues I’m frequently asked “How do I market my piates, yoga, health or well-being business or yoga retreat successfully?  “I’m way too busy teaching yoga classes and to be honest I don’t have a clue where to begin”.

So where do you start? Should you start with your website first? What about being found in Google, it’s competitive out there. What about an email newsletter? Then there’s getting a social media presence, a Facebook page, tweeting on Twitter and putting spine twisting beach side yoga pics on Instagram? Well get out your meditation stool, take five (or ten if you re a technophobe) and read on. It’s not as difficult or as time-consuming as you think. You’ll need a positive mind-set, the right marketing strategies and most importantly a digital marketing plan……

#1. Check out the competition


#2. Research your Keywords

Say you want to promote a small pilates or yoga studio in Brighton. Start researching keywords and phrases on Google keyword planner with “yoga studio brighton” and identify keywords with high Relevancy, see how competitive they are and look for ‘long tail’ keywords that have high volume in search but medium to low competition.The Semrush Tool is perfect for researching your competitors keywords. Make a list of around twenty  words that are suitable for your business. Additional keyword ideas can be used on your website,  blog, content and tagging….

  • yoga classes near me
  • different types of yoga
  • yoga asanas
  • yoga lesson
  • asana yoga
  • local yoga class
  • yoga classes for beginners
  • yoga class
  • learn yoga
  • barefoot yoga
  • isha yoga
  • yoga towel
  • jade yoga
  • hata yoga
  • yin yoga
  • yoga history
  • online yoga classes
  • online yoga video
  • kundalini yoga
  • anusara yoga

There is surely a lot more to it and more factor to take into consideration, as explained by moz, but this is just a start point to have an idea.

#3 Get a good, mobile responsive website

You’ll need a website and it needs to be designed for mobiles, tablets and be responsive. Why? Google puts alot of weight to mobile responsivness in ranking web pages. Besides….

mobile toothbrushChoose from the huge varity of web content management systems on the market. We’d recommend  WordPress Publishing Platform or Squarespace. There are some free or cheap website builders you can get with popular web hosting companies like 123reg or Namesco. Or you could try Wix or Weebly or a Tumblr blog.

But.. a word of warning don’t be seduced by the low cost as often these systems are not as SEO friendly as the could. Down the line your features, design and search engine optimisation may be compromised and more costly. Using a template is just that a template that can be customised but if you want to make bespoke customisations you’ll need a good designer who knows SEO and conversion optimisation back to front. Add clear, nice pics, bios, services pages, contact forms, newsletter sign ups as basics. Find out more about getting a high quality website at affordable prices.

#4 Choose an easy online booking system

#5 Join Online Yoga Communties

There are plenty of Yoga, health and well-being communities online. Join, contribute and be helpful. Try these popular communities for starters

Do you Yoga?

#6 Get listed on local and niche yoga directories

There are plenty of local directories to get listed on. The first place to start is to make sure you are listed on Google my business.

Yoga Journal — see directory at http://www.yogajournal.com/direc…


#7. Be the best

Stand out as one of the best yoga or pilates teacher/studio in your area. Your students are your best marketers. They talk about their teacher enthusiastically when they experience authenticity, they feel taken care of and leave the class feeling grounded and happy. They bring their friends and family and before you know it you have a full class! If yu ask around you will find leading teachers who are always in demand like Jim Tarren founder of The Vajrasati Yoga community in Brighton.

6# Get a good, mobile responsive website with an easy online booking system

The site that I work for is like a free directory, but additionally everyone creates their own mini webpages that they can customize to suit their style, and use features like online booking/payment, client reviews and marketing tools (craigslist, widgets, etc.) You can see what other yoga instructors are doing: http://betterfly.com/category/yoga

Looking for more marketing tips for your yoga retreat or retreat centre? Visit our sister site www.mindfulmarketing.co.uk for a yogini’s retreat marketing toolkit.