Month: July 2010

Social media in the UK 2010 : Simply Zesty video

Brilliant video showing the growth of social media in the UK from Simply Zesty – catchy little sound track too! Social media in the UK 2010

What’s the story behind Facebook stories?

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin. Once upon a time there was a boy called Mark Zuckerberg who created the biggest thing since sliced bread in the online world. This week as it hits the 500 million users mark Facebook  launched Facebook Stories, an application which enables users to share interesting and unique Facebook…
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Old Spice viral social media campaign : And all because the lady loves Old Spice

Is Old Spice the new media spice? Creating an online video that you hope will go viral is difficult. Virals like  Susan Boyle or even the “Leave Britney Alone” kid were of the spontaneous variety. Old Spice however appear to have hit the viral nail on the head by making a video series that is….. alluring & sexy…
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Most interesting social media blog posts – June/July 2010

Here is a selection of blog posts that you may have missed during June and July 2010 from my favourite social media and digital marketing blogs… Social Media Monitoring Tools – How to Pick The Right One – Convince and Convert – Jul ’10 5 tips for B2B social media marketing – Econsultancy – Jul…
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Read these mind-blowing social media statistics from e-consultancy

Revised mind blowing social media statistics for social media usage on facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Wikipedia from e-consultancy

How the world spends its time online :Infographic

Came across this rather loverly infographic recently which got me thinking about how much time we spend online.

Are you too old for social media?

I think not. As the UK’s internet population nears the 40-million mark, the latest UKOM stats reveals ‘silver surfers’ are providing the greatest area of internet growth. Nielsen analyst Alex Burmaster told the BBC on behalf of the UKOM. “The fact that one in four Britons who use the internet today are 50 to 64…
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Guide to The Social Landscape : Social Media Infographic

Had to post this fabulous infographic showing which social networks are best for web traffic generation, brand awareness, seo and chatting to your customers. Hope you enjoy…

Review of JWT’s Social media checklist : June 2010

JWT summarise essential social media checklist points in the presentation below… Social Media Checklist (June 2010) Social media checklist Stop look & listen Are you socially  vibrant Consider linking up with existing sucesses Quality over quantity Figure out who is speaking and what their voice is What’s the value exchange? Assume the worst Empower your…
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