Month: September 2010

20 Most Exceeding Useful Internet Marketing Posts of the Week

Compilation of most interesting Internet marketing, SEO and Social Media posts (week ending 24th September 2010). Check out the best freebie of the week, below, its exceedingly good:- Freebie of the week : The Content Marketing Playbook: 42 Ways to Connect with Customers 5 Ways to Develop Meaningful LinkedIn Connections [Social Media Examiner] Twitter to…
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facebook places on mobile

How Brighton Small Businesses can use Facebook Places

What Is Facebook Places? Facebook Places is a location-based service that is now available in the UK.  Users sign into Facebook Places using their mobile phones and let their friends know where they are. Other examples of popular location-based services include Google Latitude,  Foursquare and Gowalla. What Facebook Places could mean for your business Your…
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5 local search engine marketing (SEO) tips for local businesses

Small businesses are often open all hours with little time for marketing but by implementing a few local search marketing SEO tips you can improve your sites local search engine rankings big time. There are many other things that will help your site rankings but make a start with these SEO basics and do check out…
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Google Instant | What it means for SEO

photo credit: miss karen Google recently released a new tool called Google Instant. Google Instant is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type. For example, when you enter “tomatoe s” then Google will display the results for the keyword “tomato soup” because it thinks that this is what you are probably looking…
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Which social media sites are right for my business?

Ask yourself the following questions: What goals are you trying to accomplish by engaging in social media marketing? Is this the most important thing you need to take care of? There’s no point in having lots of social media profiles if they point to a dated, poorly SEO’d website. To be successful in social media,…
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