Month: October 2011

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Quickstart Guide to Slideshare

What is Slideshare? SlideShare is a free website allowing anyone to upload multimedia presentation files (created with programs like PowerPoint) documents and videos and share them with others online. After creating presentations you can upload your files to SlideShare. Like YouTube and Flickr, Slideshare provides a platform and distribution point for your files. Slideshare hosts and makes your content more…
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Foursquare for Business in plain English – Mobile Marketing

Have you ever tried to explain Foursquare to someone who has never used it?  It’s a bit like Twitter you need to sign up and use it to understand how it works and get the most out of it. With people increasingly using smart phones services to connect to the web location based social network…
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Find top internet marketing blogs using the Blog Tree : New Growth [infographic]

Last year Eloqua and JESS3 created the gorgeous The Blog Tree that turned a boring old “top blogs list” into a visual piece of art. It’s been updated as The Blog Tree: New Growth to show new bloggers. The new blog tree lists top marketing blogs and the interrelationships between and among them. The result is an interactive infographic that makes it easy…
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