5 most common SEO Mistakes | Sound SEO advice from Google Webmaster Blog

5 most common SEO Mistakes | Sound SEO advice from Google Webmaster Blog

If you have not subscribed to Google webmaster blog already i’d get it on your Google Reader list asap. This recent video gives sound advice on the factors that Google considers important in optimising your website for search. In short the top 5 most common mistakes according to Google are…

Common SEO mistakes

1. No value proposition – Make your product or service compelling to you customers. Why would a user select your site and what differentiates you from your competitors?
2. Approach online strategy holistically – consider SEO as part of your wider business, digital marketing & entire customer experience. Integrate online channels with marketing campaigns.
3. Time consuming work arounds – research new SEO best practices, use fetch as google bot in webmaster tools
4. Don’t focus entirely on SEO trends – create compelling, informative content instead! Prioritise tasks that bring long term value.
5. Be agile, Iterate – define metrics for success, measure &  repeat, use rich snippets, video sitemaps.

Good SEO Ideas

In summary the good things to do are…

  1. Do something cool, have a value proposition thats unique to you e.g  low cost wordpress web design brighton
  2. Include relevant keywords in copy (don’t fret about keyword density it’s so 1980’s 🙂
  3. Be smart about meta tags & meta descriptions & website architecture e.g use keywords in site navigation
  4. Sign up for email forwarding in webmaster tools
  5. Reach out through social media
  6. Make sure your site is viewable on mobiles if you use wordpress check out the WPTouch plugin

If you follow this advice you can’t go too wrong!

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