Old Spice viral social media campaign : And all because the lady loves Old Spice

Old Spice viral social media campaign : And all because the lady loves Old Spice

Is Old Spice the new media spice? Creating an online video that you hope will go viral is difficult. Virals like  Susan Boyle or even the “Leave Britney Alone” kid were of the spontaneous variety. Old Spice however appear to have hit the viral nail on the head by making a video series that is…..

  • alluring & sexy
  • emotionally charged
  • easy to share
  • ok to share (unlike chat roulette)
  • in ‘real time’
  • unique
  • engaging  to customers
  • highly personalised
  • ever so slightly controversial

Just in case you missed or got bored of Isaiah Mustafa  (i’m not done with him yet) here’s one of the best video responses  for your enjoyment…

I’m not going to blog on about the rather pleasing to the eye old spice guy or drool over his lusciousness.  Oh bother i just did. But the fact is Old Spices’ genious approach has resulted in probably the best social media campaign ever. Our hero Isaiah Mustafa answering questions submitted by users across various social networks is a marketers dream. No sordid comments please.

The statistics speak for themselves. The number crunching campaign resulted in more than the 180 videos, which generated nearly 5.9 million views and 22,000 comments according to ClickZ. The final video in the series generated more than 2.5 million views and nearly 6,000 comments. Old Spice’s YouTube channel was the most viewed last week and is now the third most subscribed channel ever.

One final point. Purrlees could an aspiring ad agency bring back the milk tray man social media stylee?  In my youth Milk Tray was responsible for one of the most famous and iconic advertising campaigns in British television history and all because the lady loves Milk Tray. It would be interesting to see a 2010 take on this don’t you think?