Best free digital marketing training courses and certifications for 2018

Best free digital marketing training courses and certifications for 2018

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Feel stuck in the 70’s when it comes to digital marketing? Don’t despair, there are lots of free online digital marketing training courses and resources to help you get online and learn about using the internet, SEO, social media and digital marketing in general.

With so many to choose from which one is the best? In our opinion, the first step is to read Google’s SEO starter guide. Then binge watch Moz Whiteboard Friday videos, you’ll learn a lot. The UK’s flagship course is Googles Digital Garage. The Digital Garage is ideal for mastering digital marketing basicsSimply complete each of the 26 topics and unlock badges to obtain the Digital Garage Certificate. Dive in and sign up for one of these free online digital marketing training courses. Scroll down to the list below…

The digital skills gap

If you are feeling digitally challenged you are not alone. It’s been reported that that the digital marketing sector has been facing a digital skills gap in recent years. The British Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey into the issue and found that “76% of businesses say there is a shortage of digital skills in the workplace’.

A survey by Smart Insights aimed to help businesses review their skill needs by defining the full range required in a modern marketing organization. The capabilities were assessed by defining the activities needed to manage digital marketing across the customer lifecycle. It identified 20 practical ‘hands-on’ and management skills or marketing techniques that someone involved with digital marketing may need week-by-week.

With such skills in demand its good to keep up with the latest best practice and maybe brush up your skills in those areas where you need a bit of a boost. To help you on your way we have pulled together some resources to help you on your way…

FREE online digital marketing courses in 2018

There are lots of courses available to digital marketers online and are equally there are also lots of skills involved in becoming a fully rounded digital marketer Here are just a few specialist areas…

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  • Social media in marketing in general
  • Marketing automation
  • Google analytics
  • Big data
  • Customer Insight
  • Content creation for digital marketing
  • Organic SEO and PPC
  • Creative direction for digital marketing
  • Sales
  • Online PR
  • Digital media
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Neuromarketing

Only you can decide which area or course floats your boat and is right for you.

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