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creative-seo-copywriting-brightonCompelling human search engine and mobile friendly copy writing engages your website visitors and drives them to take action. Google is making a big effort to eliminate SEO-targeted writing, so it’s time to start writing for content rather than rankings. If you can create engaging, relevant content, this will improve your standing with Google more than a keyword heavy post. This goes hand-in-hand with keyword density; write in a way that seems natural, and the keyword will often fall in place.

We can help you craft copy on your site and put you in touch with copywriting experts for bigger jobs.

SEO copywriting aims to rank web pages highly in search engines for the targeted search term. You can improve your search rankings, traffic and conversion rates by simply changing the words on your website. Often there is a balance to be found between creative writing and SEO copywriting. Aim to write like a human but think like a search engine spider.

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Understanding how Google works and how it searches the web is crucial to copywriting for search engines (SEO). Search engine “spiders” crawl around the web looking for content. These are actually bits of computer code that find information on a web page, “read” it, and then continue along their path by following hyperlinks from your page to other pages. Then they index it according to the words & links they find on the page.

SEO Copywriting Basics

There are a few basic things that are important in seo copywriting. Here’s three important factors to consider…

  • The Page Title Tag – must include keywords
  • Meta Tags & Meta Descriptions –  the meta description is an important place to use the target term/phrase due to the “bolding” that shows in the visual ‘snippet’ of the search results.
  •  By taking content creation off your plate, you can focus on the things you’re really good at, and leave the writing and editing to someone who specializes in SEO content creation.
See Perfecting Keyword Targeting & On-Page Optimization from SEOMoz for top recommendations for achieving on-page, keyword-targeting “perfection”.
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