Online PR, Social PR Services Brighton

What is Online PR?

For great search programs SEO, Social Media & PR tactics need to work together holistically. The way they intersect is though great content. Content is what search engines rely on and people share on social networks and online communities. Social PR (also called online PR or digital PR) is a new term that is used to describe the convergence of marketing, public relations and social media activities online. Writing press releases on the internet is just one aspect but it’s much more than that.

Why is Social PR important?

Google has made clear that its long-term vision is to reward helpful, authoritative sites in the natural search results. That means it’s critical for websites to provide valuable and informative content that will both build relationships with users and yield high rankings in the search results.

Our Social PR Services

We can help create and distribute quality content across search engines through….

  • Identifying online influencers, journalists, trade press
  • Engaging with relevant bloggers directly & through blogger outreach and social media
  • Guest blog posts
  • Online Press Release distibution
  • Infographics
  • Ebook promotion
  • Slideshare Presentations

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