What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing? Why does being online matter?

Digital Marketing is….“Achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies.” Dave Chaffey

Digital marketing is the use of digital sources like the Internet, digital advertising and other digital media such as television, radio, and mobile phones to promote brands, products or services to consumers. Why does it matter? Hear it straight from the mouth of Google…

Digital Marketing Planning | Online Marketing Plan Services

We help you plan out your online marketing activities so that they are effective by identifying where your customers hang out and using SEO & social media to reach them. We take an integrated approach to digital marketing planning putting customers first, identifying their needs carrying out a digital marketing audit and developing an online marketing plan with the right mix of online and offline channels. Our digital marketing services include…

Our internet marketing services are tailored to meet your needs business objectives and budget.  A digital marketing audit finds the right marketing mix for your business & includes priority recommendations and digital marketing plans.