Need help writing a Digital Marketing Plan?

Why you need a Digital Marketing Plan

Having a digital marketing plan in place as part of your overall business plan digital marketing strategy is essential in todays online world.

For each ‘landing page’ we identify keywords for which you want your web pages to rank higher. Then we find rival pages that rank higher than yours in the Google top 10 for the target keywords. Next, we analyse your rivals’ content and backlinks and generate ideas for making your page more similar or ideally better than theirs. Finally we suggest ideas for fixing both content and technical issues based on your site audit data.

To kick-start your planning process take a look at our No 1 Google ranking blog post How to write a Digital Marketing Plan.

Digital Strategy

Does your company have a clearly documented Digital Strategy? If no we can help! The most important priorities to consider are your business objectives and defining your target audiences. A digital strategy identifies issues that need addressing, the quick wins that need to be fixed right away. A digital strategy usually looks at:

  • Your Website – Is it structured for easy navigation. What features should you develop? How do you decide on what content to produce? Who maintains the website?
  • Mobile – Do you have a mobile friendly responsive site?
  • Social Media – What platforms are your target audience on? Which social media channels fit your target audience? What policies exist?
  • Email –  Everything from regular newsletters to direct mail. Decide who is responsible for email marketing and how your email lists are developed.
  • Digital Marketing – This includes everything from SEO and PPC to conversion optimisation, banner advertising and affiliate schemes.

We create a marketing plan that outlines actions and measurable marketing tactics to achieve business goals. We evaluate your site to  encourage interaction with prospective customers, existing customers, suppliers, partners and bloggers. We identify strategies depending on your target audience and where they are in the customer journey or buying cycle: Attracting visits, conversion of visits, customer loyalty etc. An online marketing plan forms part of your digital marketing strategy:

  • Situational Analysis : Identify the target audience, competitor research
  • Objective setting : Set specific, objective measurable, actionable.
  • Strategies & Tactics :Establish strategies and tactics segmented and targeted to meet the objectives:
  • Attract visitors: SEO, SEM, Banners, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.
  • Convert visits: Analysis of the buying cycle, usability testing and conversion, heuristic analysis and user experience, etc.
  • Customer loyalty: Social networks, e-mail marketing, content syndication, blogging, special offers groupon, etc.
  • Getting followers/subscriber:  social networks, etc.
  • Planning resources, media and campaigns.
  • Evaluate KPIs to measure success in achieving the objectives and strategies to improve.

Content Marketing

content-marketing-framework-1We utilise popular models in writing your digital marketing plan. For example we follow Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose framework of seven ‘building blocks’ to developing a successful content marketing strategy. These are:

  1. Plan.
  2. Audience.
  3. Story.
  4. Channels.
  5. Process.
  6. Conversations.
  7. Measurement.

We follow this process to develop a strategic plan that ideally aligns with (your broader business goals and target audiences. Download the Content Marketing Institute eBook here, “The CMI Content Marketing Framework”.

The Race Digital Marketing Planning Framework

We also use the RACE Planning Framework by Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights. RACE stands for the different digital marketing activities that need to be managed in the customer life-cycle.

(Plan) > Reach > Act > Convert > Engage

There is also an initial phase, ‘Plan’ involving creating the overall digital strategy, objective setting and roadmap.


Integrated Digital Marketing Audit

A Digital Marketing Audit looks at your digital presence in terms of Search visibility, Website Architecture, Content, Competitors, Conversion, Integration and Measurement. The aim is to see how effectively you are in meeting business objectives using digital tactics and recommend improvements. We offer two types of digital marketing audits….

#1 Quick Digital Marketing Health Check

A quick review of  your current marketing efforts to integrate digital media into your existing marketing plan. This mini digital marketing audit highlights improvements that will boost effectiveness, stand-out, engagement and conversion. It includes basic SEO, social media and web analytics recommendations. From the health check process, priorities are put together in a report along with a prioritised action plan.

#2 Digital Marketing Plan

An in-depth review of your marketing channel mix and marketing processes with detailed gap analysis to show priorities, quick wins and strategic direction. Depending on your goals this usually includes…..

  • Competitor Research
  • SEO
  • Social media growth
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Web analytics

From the audit process, priorities are put together in a report along with a prioritised action plan. An audit can be as in-depth as required. An integrated digital marketing audit will need more engagement from your marketing team to carry out the recommendations.

Why do i need a Digital Audit?

Having an independent audit with a digital marketing consultant provides a new digital eyes to pull your online strategy together. For more information on carrying out a low-cost independent digital marketing audit of your organisation, contact us through our contact form.

We can also implement recommendations for you, for example set up social media networks or monitoring dashboards. We also provide in-house seo training courses, social media training or train your team in-house to master digital marketing quickly with our digital marketing crash course.