Twitter for business training course Sussex

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a very popular social media site for individuals, celebrities and businesses. Sometimes called “micro-blogging”  Twitter provides a platform for you to interact with your customers and create relationships that can boost your business.

Twitter for business workshop

Our half-day Twitter workshop will help you understand exactly what Twitter is, why you should be using it and how it can benefit your business. By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • understand what Twitter is and how to use it
  • set up your  Twitter profile
  • personalise your profile to make sure people can find you
  • find and follow other organisations
  • What to update on Twitter to win business
  • Including links within updates
  • understand Twitter lingo, like  hashtags, @replies and retweets
  • find popular topics using hashtags
  • make the most of your 140 characters by using URL shorteners
  • Tweeting pictures!
  • Manage Twitter accounts using tools like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite.

This workshop is ideal for small businesses. Here are a few ways that you can use Twitter effectively to promote yourself online:

How to create a twitter profile

Create a twitter profile that represents you and your business, here is how to sign up to a twitter account. Include your photo, links to your website and a strong bio (with keywords) in your profile. Why not create a custom Twitter background? You can also get free  Twitter backgrounds to brand yourself on twitter.

Strategically build your twitter following

On twitter you ‘follow’ people and they will hopefully follow you back. For best results, focus on networking with people who are interested in your area of interest or product. Hosting an event? tweet it! Offer your twitter followers incentives like  a special offer coupon. Your followers may (RT) it and introduce you to a new audience. Join Twitter lists like Twellow (Twitter Yellow pages) & listorious.

Use Twitter tools

There are literally hundreds of twitter tools out there to help you use twitter. Here are a selection of new twitter and social media tools to try out in 2011. Use hootsuite to manage social media networks. Here’s a link to Hootsuite a useful social media management dashboard to manage twitter and other social networks.

Content Strategy for Twitter

Think about Twitter as a place to build relationships rather than as a publishing platform. Keep content….

  • Varied: Define your types of ‘tweet’. Aim to  cover a broad base of content types and sources to keep people interested e.g news, events, pictures.
  • Human: Twitter users can be hostile to the over-use of automation (such as generating Twitter content entirely from RSS feeds) and to re-gurgitation of press releases.Define the tone of your Twitter channel e,g informal spoken English, human-edited and written specifically for twitter. Some use of RSS to Twitter is acceptable so long as this does not dominate the whole stream.
  • Re-tweetable: to make it easy for others to re-tweet important announcements, for example  restrict these type of  tweets to 120-130 characters. (Allowing space for “RT @twittername or a #hashtag to be included as a prefix).
  • Timely: in keeping with the ‘zeitgeist’ feel of Twitter, tweets will be about issues of relevance today or events/opportunities coming soon.
  • Credible:  Where possible there should be an actual link to related content or a call to action, to make the content credible.
  • Inclusive: in keeping with the knowledge-sharing culture of social media, re-tweet messages from influencers.

How to write Tweets that travel

Tweets that travel: How to write viral copy

Link shortening

Unless they are very short URLs in tweets should be shortened using link shortening sites that provide click tracking statistics e.g. Hootsuite and Owly

Twitter jargon buster

  • Tweet – a post, message or update on Twitter
  • @username + message – an open tweet that can be seen by your followers and by @username’s followers
  • DM username – a private tweet that can only be seen by username
  • #hashtag – a Twitter keyword. Adding # makes the word searchable e.g. #socialmedia
  • RT – repeating a Tweet, known as a ReTweet

 Twitter for beginners guides

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