What’s the story behind Facebook stories?

What’s the story behind Facebook stories?

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin. Once upon a time there was a boy called Mark Zuckerberg who created the biggest thing since sliced bread in the online world. This week as it hits the 500 million users mark Facebook  launched Facebook Stories, an application which enables users to share interesting and unique Facebook stories.

Facebook says it is looking for tales of how the site has significantly impacted people’s lives—beyond the ‘I rekindled my childhood romance’ story— the site is asking users to submits stories about how Facebook helped them find lost items, started social movements, received donations or saved lives.

Facebook Stories has became instantly huge, it’s even  managed to slow down Facebook apparently because Justin Bieber fans are sharing their love for the pop idol.

So what type of stories are doing the rounds? Oddee has a great post on 10 unbelievable facebook stories including the groom who updated his facebook relationship status at the alter, the husband who dumped his wife by Facebook (what a charmer) and the teenager whose facebook update  gave him an alibi and saved him from a stay in the slammer.

We all love a good story and telling one is the most powerful driver of engagement in social media. Good stories provide the hook for  the best conversations  in social media. Facebook stories looks like it is going to have a happy ending.