Infographic & Blog List : The Blog Tree top social media blogs

Infographic & Blog List : The Blog Tree top social media blogs

I am a big fan of Infographics. They allow right brain dominant’s to ‘get the picture’ in an instant. I especially love the beautiful new blog tree infographic from @Eloqua and @Jess3 for two reasons:-

  • It’s a tree (and a stunningly illustrated one at that!)
  • It’s a fantastic summary of many of the social media blogs to follow in Google Reader as well as depicting the diversity of the social media landscape branch by branch and it’s propensity to grow. Looking forward to the wall chart 🙂

Scroll down for very useful clickable list by Scott Ford at the Social Media and Marketing Blog.

the blog tree infographic

the blog tree infographic

Water Table
Ars Technica
The Next Web
AllFacebookVenture Capital / Entrepreneurship
Cracking the Code
Seeing Both Sides
Paul Graham, YCombinator, Essays
Feld Thoughts
Both Sides of the Table
Above The Crowd
Master of 500 Hats
Blog of David Skok
Venture Hacks

B2B Bloggers
The Big Fat Marketing Blog
Center Networks
Customer Think
Marketing Sherpa
Marketing Pilgrim
The Wisdom of Clouds/James Urquhart
MarketingProfs Blog

HubSpot Blog
Chief Marketing Technologist
Forrester Blogs
Copy Blogger
Customer Experience Matrix
Ducttape Marketing
Blogs.bnet Sales Machine
B2B Lead Generation Blog / InTouch
Content Marketing Today
Marketing Conversation
How To Change The World
It’s All About Revenue
Smashmouth Marketing Blog
Marketing Experiments
Ann Handley
Fearless Competitor

Personal Branding
Dan Schawbel
Guy Kawasaki
Being Peter Kim
Chris Koch’s B2B Marketing Blog
Conversation Agent
Dianna Huff’s B2B MarCom Writing Blog
Inside the Marketer’s Studio
Marketing Interactions
The Funnelholic
Seth Godin
Six Pixels of Separation
Awaken Your Superhero
Digital Body Language

PR Squared
A Shel of My Former Self
Logic + Emotion
PR Communications
Buzz Marketing For Technology
Junta42 Blog
Influential Marketing Blog

Social Media
Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang
Convince and Convert
Social Media B2B
Conversation Marketing
Social Media Marketing Blog
Social Media Examiner
Smart Brief on Social Media
Jess3 Blog

While you are here check out The Big Tree plant and Green Metropolis to save trees 🙂