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Find top internet marketing blogs using the Blog Tree : New Growth [infographic]

Last year Eloqua and JESS3 created the gorgeous The Blog Tree that turned a boring old “top blogs list” into a visual piece of art. It’s been updated as The Blog Tree: New Growth to show new bloggers. The new blog tree lists top marketing blogs and the interrelationships between and among them. The result is an interactive infographic that makes it easy…
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Social media time management for higher education colleges & adult learning training providers

[slideshare id=8515998&doc=managingtimeonsocialmediaforfecolleges-110705160220-phpapp02&type=d]

How to : Get started and beware pitfalls on Quora Q&A site

Quora is a collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it. When information goesinto Quora, it’s shared with anyone interested in the topic. You can write an answer to questions if you think a question page could become a better resource with more information added to it. You can…
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Infographic & Blog List : The Blog Tree top social media blogs

I am a big fan of Infographics. They allow right brain dominant’s to ‘get the picture’ in an instant. I especially love the beautiful new blog tree infographic from @Eloqua and @Jess3 for two reasons:- It’s a tree (and a stunningly illustrated one at that!) It’s a fantastic summary of many of the social media…
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Top SEO, Social Media & Internet Marketing tips of 2010 and predictions for 2011

Every one’s doing it. Writing up top SEO and Social media tips for 2010 that is. So I’ve joined the collective and added my own two penny worth below. Scroll down to bottom for links to quality links to the best SEO and Social Media tips of 2010 on the web so far (to be…
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Storytelling through social media | Storify tells compelling stories by tweets

Storytelling is a compelling way to create engagement in social media. We grew up with family stories, read stories at bedtime and as adults get hooked in the story of a great book. Storify turns what people post on social media into compelling stories. You collect the best photos, video, tweets and more to publish…
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12 Useful SEO & Social Media Blog posts of the week

photo credit: Valeriana Solaris The Secrets Behind Successful Facebook Advertisers – All Facebook 7 SEO Mistakes That Could Harm Your Blog – Kikolani Facebook Testing New Friends Page – All Facebook Goo.gl url shortener is now open to everyone! – Matt Cutts Promoted Promotions – Twitter Tips to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value through Social Networking…
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How to get hundreds of twitter followers and blog subscribers

It’s not often i get stopped in my tracks by a blog post but today i read something that really made me think twice. A defining moment if you like. In the social media gold rush it’s easy to forget the point of using social media tools – to interact. There is so much hype,…
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20 Most Exceeding Useful Internet Marketing Posts of the Week

Compilation of most interesting Internet marketing, SEO and Social Media posts (week ending 24th September 2010). Check out the best freebie of the week, below, its exceedingly good:- Freebie of the week : The Content Marketing Playbook: 42 Ways to Connect with Customers 5 Ways to Develop Meaningful LinkedIn Connections [Social Media Examiner] Twitter to…
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5 local search engine marketing (SEO) tips for local businesses

Small businesses are often open all hours with little time for marketing but by implementing a few local search marketing SEO tips you can improve your sites local search engine rankings big time. There are many other things that will help your site rankings but make a start with these SEO basics and do check out…
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