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How to keep up with SEO news the easy way…

Webyogi’s Essential SEO Reads – November 2015 Find it hard to keep up to date with the ever-changing world of SEO? Me too! If you want to work smarter not harder read these content curation tips on how to stay ahead of the game. Here’s a simple way to quickly scroll through the latest SEO…
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5 most common SEO Mistakes | Sound SEO advice from Google Webmaster Blog

If you have not subscribed to Google webmaster blog already i’d get it on your Google Reader list asap. This recent video gives sound advice on the factors that Google considers important in optimising your website for search. In short the top 5 most common mistakes according to Google are… Common SEO mistakes 1. No…
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How to : Carry out an SEO Audit in 20 minutes – SEO Checklist

Carrying out a comprehensive SEO audit is a detailed process that is your first step in developing a digital marketing plan. An audit involves many steps including competitor analysis, keyword research, meta data creation, technical reports and usually a full report/project plan to bring it all together. If you just want to get a feel…
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What is SEO? Easy to understand SEO Video for beginners

Don’t know SEO? Need a short easy to understand introduction to search engine optimization and how it works? Watch this three minute seo video miracle from search engine land. Find more SEO tips on Search Engine Land YouTube channel, and on Search Engine Land as part of  the What Is SEO – Search Engine Optimization? page.

Google Panda Infographic : Why it was needed and what you need to do to survive it

Here’s a simple infographic that shows a visual representation of the Google Panda Search Engine update designed to improve the quality of search results. It shows what Google Panda is, why it was needed and simple advice on what you need to do to survive it. Click on the image to see a larger version.

What is Google +1? – What marketers need to know

“Google +1” lets Google users share a recommendation of a website when they are logged into Google. It’s the latest attempt to introduce social sharing and recommendations into the search results.   Find out more about Google +1 from: The official Google Webmaster Blog Search Engine Land The official Google Blog Smartinsights digital marketing You…
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Google search trends for 2011

What are some search trends on your radar? ?Interesting video from Matt Cutts of Google and Danny Sullivan from SearchEngineLand, talking about future trends for search in 2011.

What is blekko? A search engine for relevant search engine & SEO results

Want more relevant results from your search engine? Get annoyed when Google fails to give you relevant search results or out of date links? I know i do. Well….here’s a new search engine that weeds out spam and helps you find relevant date specific information.  It also loves to open up search engine optimisation (SEO)…
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Google Instant | What it means for SEO

photo credit: miss karen Google recently released a new tool called Google Instant. Google Instant is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type. For example, when you enter “tomatoe s” then Google will display the results for the keyword “tomato soup” because it thinks that this is what you are probably looking…
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