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How to set up a Facebook Advertising Campaign in 2018 – Resources

Let’s be honest, a Facebook advertising campaign is a bit of a pain in the backside to set up. Chances are by now, you’ve also heard about the latest changes coming to Facebook’s news feed and how it’s going to affect your business. Advertising on the social network will not be unaffected by the changes. Setting…
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Webyogi Receives Hubspot Certification in Inbound Marketing

Internet Marketing Certification Awarded to Webyogi by HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing University Training Program The Inbound Marketing University has awarded the Inbound Marketing Certification to Webyogi Digital Marketing (Yvette Bordley) as part of it’s comprehensive Internet marketing training program. This certification acknowledges Webyogi’s proficiency in inbound marketing principles and best practices. These principles include: blogging, search…
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How to : Write a social media business plan

I’m preparing a presentation around successful social strategies which reminded me of an old but good post about how to approach social media planning. It’s common for businesses embarking in social media think they need to build their strategies around the technology and not looking at audience needs first. Forrester’s POST method enables you to…
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How to manage your time on social media in 2011 – Think Productive

It’s very easy to lose track of time chatting on Facebook, sending tweets or updating your LinkedIn profile. In twitter lingo this state of mind is called going into a Twance’ and it’s very easy to do!  Read my guest blog featured on Think Productive for 15 tips on how to manage your time on…
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Storytelling through social media | Storify tells compelling stories by tweets

Storytelling is a compelling way to create engagement in social media. We grew up with family stories, read stories at bedtime and as adults get hooked in the story of a great book. Storify turns what people post on social media into compelling stories. You collect the best photos, video, tweets and more to publish…
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Arts Marketing Goes Digital | AMA Digital Marketing Day 2010

Yesterday I attended the Arts Marketing Association Digital Marketing Day 2010 event in London (#amadigitalday10on Twitter). The day brought together people in culture and arts marketing to share experience and best practice in digital marketing and the arts. The event was inspiring enough to make me write this  short review of the sessions i attended.…
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Old Spice viral social media campaign : And all because the lady loves Old Spice

Is Old Spice the new media spice? Creating an online video that you hope will go viral is difficult. Virals like  Susan Boyle or even the “Leave Britney Alone” kid were of the spontaneous variety. Old Spice however appear to have hit the viral nail on the head by making a video series that is….. alluring & sexy…
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Developing a social media plan – the simple way

Developing a Social Media Plan View more presentations from ifPeople.