Is Diaspora the next Facebook? Diaspora open source Facebook alternative coming soon

Is Diaspora the next Facebook? Diaspora open source Facebook alternative coming soon

Open source Facebook Alternative launches on 15th September 2010

Diaspora the Facebook alternative social network has been heralded as the anti Facebook. Originally designed as a short term summer project the four developers at NYU’s Courant Institute (with support from kickstarter 6479 backers) define it as “the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all, open source social network”. Their vision is to build an open source personal web service that will put individuals in control of their data,” unlike Facebook with its controversial privacy issues. Diaspora is being launched on 15th September 2010. In non nerd speak Diaspora promises to give Facebook deserters more control over privacy so that you decide what information you share with whom. For example what information you choose to share with your colleagues and what is divulged to your closest bosom buddies.

Great idea…I for one sometimes worry about the tone of facebook updates, the risk of tongue in cheek messages being misconstrued and being ‘outed’ due to an unfortunate Facebook status bloop – like the one my son posted about me being on the loo. Reading the Diaspora website and blog you’d be forgiven for reaching for your geek speak translator … in other words its not written for your average Sun reader.

Wikipedia defines Diaspora as “the movement or migration of a group of people, such as those sharing a national and/or ethnic identity, away from an established or ancestral homeland.” Whether there will be a mass exodus from Facebook and what is will look like is yet to be revealed. The groundswell against Face book and its privacy issues has died down over the last few months and Facebook users continue to grow at an exponential rate. It will be interesting to see the fruits of the Diaspora seeds. Find out more from the mouths of babes – join the revolution @

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