Quickstart Guide to Slideshare

Quickstart Guide to Slideshare

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What is Slideshare?

SlideShare is a free website allowing anyone to upload multimedia presentation files (created with programs like PowerPoint) documents and videos and share them with others online. After creating presentations you can upload your files to SlideShare.

Like YouTube and Flickr, Slideshare provides a platform and distribution point for your files. Slideshare hosts and makes your content more widely available in a similar way to YouTube increasing your exposure online. Slideshare is great for search engine visibility and for showing off your business expertise. Slideshare also allows SlideCasts to also be created with audio. Below are the main features of a Slideshare account.

Sign up

Follow the simple sign-up process and confirm your registration as requested click here. Click the sign up link in the upper right corner of the website to bring up the sign up form. Click join now at the bottom when finished. To the top-right of your browser you will see your name and a drop-down menu. Scroll to “Personal Information”. Here you can edit your details – ensure it is complete and correct.


Use the search box on top of the homepage to look up content on SlideShare.There are advanced search options which help you fine tune your search query. The Search options link below the drop down menu displays an expanded search menu which allows you to sort content by Relevance, Latest or Popular.


Use relevant keywords in your “about” section and “tags” – these could be products, industry sector, location etc (terms you think people may use to find your business when using a search engine).

My uploads

Displays your uploads and allows you to upload new presentations, documents or videos.

Manage Account

Basic account settings; passwords & deleting account. You can also set license defaults here (e.g. do you want people to freely re-distribute or download your presentations?)

Privacy options

Email preferences (e.g. notifications) and Privacy (e.g. who can post on your wall) can be found here. You can also block users.


Zipcast allows users to start a virtual meeting from any presentation in SlideShare and present that meeting to an unlimited number of viewers instantly. Zipcast also comes with group chat and social invitation functions that make it very easy to tweet or post a meeting to Facebook. You can schedule a meeting for the date and time you want and send out an invite. All SlideShare users can use Zipcast.


LeadShare is SlideShare’s new paid for service to allow businesses to collect customer leads through their presentations, documents and videos. When you activate LeadShare, viewers can contact you about your product or service.

Analytics & Customisation

Basic analytics are available for free, more advanced statistics & customisation are only available for premium paid accounts.

You can also follow people, find out the most popular presentations and join groups and the forum. For more information about Slideshare read through the FAQ’s There’s more to it than you think! You can follow webyogi at http://www.slideshare.net/webyogi. Do you use slideshare to promote your business? If you have any questions please get in touch.