How to : Write a social media business plan

How to : Write a social media business plan

Forresters post methodI’m preparing a presentation around successful social strategies which reminded me of an old but good post about how to approach social media planning. It’s common for businesses embarking in social media think they need to build their strategies around the technology and not looking at audience needs first. Forrester’s POST method enables you to make better marketing decisions with social technologies.

The POST method helps define your social media goals, plan, and priorities. By thinking this through you can create a clear purpose and vision—as well as implementing goals, strategies, and tools that will help you to reach the people you are looking to connect with through social media.

What is the POST method?

Post provides a simple framework  based on people, goals, strategy and technology.

People – Start by reviewing your customer’s social behaviors and attitudes. This means who do you want to attract on sites like Facebook and twitter? Is it – clients, colleagues, local businesses, parents?
Objectives – Next decide on your social technology goals. What are they? do you want to build relationships or a community around your business, create brand awareness or improve customer service?
Strategy – What social media strategies do you plan to carry out and what is your priority? What are your competitors doing? Determine how your goals will change the way you interact with customers. For example through a twitter profile, a blog, a LinkedIn profile or a Facebook page?
Technologies – which ones will you use? Pick the most right technologies that will meet your goals, for example YouTube or Twitter

*Source : Forrester research/groundswell: