Integrated Search & Social Media Audit

Why should you hire us to do a search based social media audit for your organisation?

social media fingersYou know you need to use new tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn but you don’t know the best ways to use them – or which channel to focus your efforts on. Our audit will provide specific tactics for improving your reach and making the most of your limited time.

You already use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and perhaps you have a blog. Our social media audit will highlight ways you can integrate across platforms and use these channels more effectively. The Audit will highlight where you are at present, where you could be, and campaigns to get you there.

Outline of Social Media Audit

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction to today’s online landscape
  3. Clients goals & objectives
  4. Keyword, hashtag research
  5. Audience research & persona development
  6. Where you are now – usernames, brand buzz, benchmarking
  7. Competitor Analysis – social media opportunities
  8. Product, Service or Topic buzz
  9. Improvements to existing networks
  10. How to optimise social media sites/blog posts
  11. Website – making your website sociable
  12. Content strategy  – content audit, digital assets e.g video, presentations, white paper , editorial plans, suggested tweets, blog posts, content updates etc
  13. Social SEO Plan & Campaigns – Short & long term
  14. Measuring results – Social media monitoring & analytics
The social media audit can be supported with detailed practical guidance, implementation and training. We prefer for clients to manage their own social networks to fit in with brand, tone of voice, customer service etc.
 To schedule a social media audit, contact webyogi. Pricing depends on the scope of your organization and the depth of your audit. Basic audits can be done for less than you might think.