How to manage your time on social media in 2011 – Think Productive

How to manage your time on social media in 2011 – Think Productive

Think productive time management courses brightonIt’s very easy to lose track of time chatting on Facebook, sending tweets or updating your LinkedIn profile. In twitter lingo this state of mind is called going into a Twance’ and it’s very easy to do!  Read my guest blog featured on Think Productive for 15 tips on how to manage your time on social media sites

To get the New Year off to a good start I’ve booked on Think Productive: How to get things done workshop in a quest to improve my business and personal productivity. Think Productive provide fun time management training workshops with practical at-desk coaching to help people increase productivity, beat stress, feel more in control of their work and develop playful, productive momentum. Sounds blissful!

They are passionate about bringing concepts such as “getting things done” and “inbox zero” directly to people’s desks.

Think Productive also offer bespoke practical workshops in “Getting Your Inbox to Zero”, “Email Training”, “How to Get Things Done” and “Meetings Training”

Visit Think Productive blog for time management and productivity tips and subscribe for monthly productivity tips. The free New Years Resolution toolkit is really helpful to keep your personal productivity on track in 2011. Check out the timely Pomodora technique below….

Pomodoro Cheat Sheet