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social media finger trainingWe offer social media training courses In Brighton, Hove London and Sussex. Would you like a social media course/workshop for your team? We often  deliver bespoke social media training courses, focused on getting the right people in your organisation up to speed about the various aspects of social media, and give them solid pointers on how best to use it.

In our view with digital marketing is about the bigger picture which matters more than the individual nuts & bolts. You need a strategy to make social media work for you not just a Twitter account.

Individually designed Social Media Training courses

If you’re a UK small business or non profit organisation looking for a social media training course, we’ll design and deliver  the perfect course for you. If you have a group of people, businesses or employees that would benefit from hands on social media training, please contact us to arrange a workshop.

Social media training course – 1 day (Overview)

Split into two sessions so you can practice as you learn, this course will take you through the social media jungle and help you make sense of it.

Part 1 : Social media basics

This session covers:

  • What is social media and why is it so popular?
  • The most popular sites
  • Key tools and how to use them
  • Which social networks are right for your business
  • How to set up an account and login
  • How to post information and set up alerts to help you with your business

Part 2 : Making social media work for your business

This session covers:

  • What content works with different channels
  • Identifying and speaking with your target audiences using social media
  • What works for your business objectives and what doesn’t
  • Managing social media dashboards and using your time effectively
  • How to measure if social media is working or not
  • Case studies of how businesses have used social media effectively to increase leads & web traffic

Social Media Workshops

We also offer half day workshops..

If you have a group of people, businesses or employees that would benefit from hands on social media training, please contact us to arrange a workshop. Many companies, small businesses & social enterprises have arranged in-house training with Webyogi to help with Social Media Marketing. You’ll also receive a FREE DIY social media training manual with simple checklists to help you start your social media strategy.

call webyogiPut together your perfect social media training course, please call on 07412 139341, or email webyogi@]webyogi[dot]com to book a session for your group, or to find out about availability for the next public group workshop.