Benefits of WordPress Websites

Benefits of WordPress Web Design

Here are some reasons why WordPress is one of the best content management systems for SEO.

1. Search Engine Optimization Friendly Permalinks: WordPress lets you make URLs (also called permalinks) that are made up of key words which search engines are attracted to. This allows for search engine crawlers to rank your site for the word of your choice.

2. SEO Compatible Article Titles: WordPress can be set up to automatically make the article titles a permalink. A keyword rich title utilized as a permalink to your internet site will make it simpler for you to achieve greater rankings in Google.

3. Allows You to Create Tags:  Tags are like labels that appear at the end of a blog post that enable you to use keyword phrases to describe your post. These tags or key words will let the search engines web spiders better index your blog post.

4. Lets You Cross Link Content: WordPress allows you to easily link associated content which helps with search engine optimization.

5. You Can Ping New Articles or Posts: Each time you post or edit either a posting or a blog page your WordPress web site can alert a range of different web sites that you have updated your web site.

6. Effortless Install of Google Sitemaps: Google Sitemaps has two important advantages for site owners. This helps Google to index and rank your website by letting Google know exactly which blog pages are the most important.

7. Ability to Create Categories: Categories enable you to automatically arrange your content on your website. Think of categories like folders or maybe, a directory. Tip: Use keywords that your audience is searching for as categories to make it simpler for people to find you.